Thanx to Mani sach a nice makeup... highly recomment party and bridal makeup in hong kong .....she also best in waxing and threading service... thanx mani 

'I have been coming to Reena's for four years - and she is an indispensable part of my life! I always get comments about the shape of my eyebrows and this is all down to Reena. She's truly an expert in threading - and in all the years I've been coming, what astounds me is that the service remains exceptional, but the pricing still affordable.' (MZ)


'Very, very good pricing compared to everywhere else.' (Mrs B)

'I have been threading in London for years and was unsure whether I would be able to find the same level of expertise in Hong Kong. I am so impressed with Reena and happy to be introduced to her salon. I hope her parlour grows from strength to strength.' (FC)

(2)  Reena herself is clearly very professional and experienced, and I was in and out of there in ten minutes - no joke. I couldn't believe how quick it was! When she was done with one eyebrow, she asked me if she wanted it thinner or if this was okay, and I told her I wanted it just a teeny bit thinner. I was afraid I was going to regret saying this and that she was going to go overboard with that request, but thankfully, she didn't!
If all you need is a quick eyebrow threading session, Reena's Beauty Salon is perfect.


(3) Reena is very sweet and has an eye for shaping eyebrows. I haven't had my eyebrows threaded in years because the women that have done it before work roughly making my eyes tear up. Reena is quite gentle and there was minimal pain. Definitely going back when I need another clean up.